Oh, What the Heck. Break Up By Text Message

What's the point of blogging if you aren't going to shake things up every now and then? So we're going to have to disagree with this MSN News story's claim that breaking up by SMS is a bad thing. Yes, it's cheesy and tacky. Get used to it, because that's us.

See, Internet communication is the standard and it's never going away. When they invented the phone, for a while everybody was saying that you don't use the phone for "formal" communication matters, but notify by post or telegram instead. When telegrams came out, they were to be used for trivial communications and everything else should be post. And so on and so on.

Bah! People are using SMS to do everything from propose to dump to announce pregnancy. It's going to happen anyway. We may not like it, but the times are changing. To hold any other position would be akin to being a Luddite.

Jodie Brittain
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