Wacky Niche Dating: Libertarians

File this under "Please, do not help these people reproduce". New York magazine had a look at a dating site that specializes in hooking up libertarians and posted some excerpted craziness. How do you recognize a libertarian, especially one from the U.S.? It's really simple, because their whole lives could barely fill a thimble:
  • Love Ron Paul, the US Senator from the loony bin. Also known as "Wrong Paul".
  • Love Ayn Rand. Ayn Rand was the other failing author who saved her career by founding her own cult. The first was L. Ron Hubbard.
  • Consider comic books to be literature, but only if written by certified Unibomber-style wacko Alan Moore. Alan Moore, Ayn Rand, and Ron Paul is their whole bookshelf.
  • Wear this mask. Everywhere, even to bed! It's from an Alan Moore comic, of course.
  • Suckers for everything. They never met a pyramid scheme they didn't like. Chances are they just want to date you so they can sign you up selling NORFED dollars or FOREX trading packages.
There isn't much chance that you'd accidentally breed with one anyway, because these people are obnoxious to be around. Will not shut up about conspiracy theories, political beliefs, activism, and whatever goofy idea their cult has into its collective head this week. However, if you want a dating experience straight out of Taxi Driver, knock yourself out!

Jodie Brittain
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