You’ll Get Her Attention Alright…

While we like the idea expressed by Official Dating Resource's suggestion to compose a funny and cocky subject line that will stand out like a beacon in a woman's in-box, we kind of don't like the tactic presented.

That challenge mentality only works on some kinds of women. But there's lots of other tricks that you can use to break the ho-hum monotony of reading online dating replies:
  • The Seinfeld subject. A complete non-sequitur like "How do you get egg yolk stains out of a shag rug?" or "By any chance, do you work for a bathtub grouting company?"
  • The Third-Party gambit. "Could you help me figure out this other woman's profile? I think I like her but I'm not sure."
  • There's something on your face! Or, the online version, "You misspelled 'platonic'." "Can I help you correct the red-eye in your photo?" or "Why does your email point to ''?"
  • Start a debate. "Your profile had me right up until you advocated for global warming research." or "Why in God's name do you like Michael Crichton novels?"
  • Or make it a True Daily Double: "I bet you can't seduce me in 24 hours!"

Jodie Brittain
Slinky Dating Australia