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Psycho Shower SceneDating should be (and usually is) a fun experience but as there are few things in life that come with zero risks attached,  it’s worth bringing attention to some of the potential risks of dating, and ways to reduce those risks as much as possible.

What are the risks involved?

At the less-serious end of the scale there is the possibility of being stuck with a date that you don’t get on with wishing that you could escape but having no means to do so.

At the more sinister end of the scale there are things like robbery and date rape.

Isn’t this all being a little paranoid?

99% of the time this advice won’t be necessary but it can’t hurt to think about such things so as never to be caught out. Of course there is nothing worse than treating every potential date as a potential axe-murderer but on the other hand it’s crazy to be too trusting with a stranger you’ve only just met!

The Golden Rules

  • Trust your instincts. If you have a gut feeling that the person you have met is dodgy, then you should probably be elsewhere. There’s plenty more fish…
  • Always try to let somebody know that you are going on a date and where you are likely to be going. Promise to phone them by a certain time and if you don’t then to try to contact you to check everything is going ok. It might be that things are going very well indeed and you’ve got too carried away in the moment to remember to ring your friend, but it’s nice to know that somebody has got your back.
  • Meet in a public place where you can check each other out and see how things go.
  • Always ask for a photo before meeting and make sure that the person who turns up actually looks like ther person in the photo!
  • Don’t give out too much personal information like your address before you get to know the person a little – you never know, they might turn out to be a stalker.
  • Don’t rely on the other person’s transport, if possible go somewhere easily reachable by public transport or take your own car.
  • Try not to get completely drunk so that your judgement is clouded. If you suspect that your drink has been spiked then phone for help. Don’t walk home alone down through the dark streets!
  • Lastly, if they are behaving like a nutter, keep your pet rabbit under lock and key or you may find it being boiled up in the stock-pot.

Is this advice only for women?

Certainly not! Although women are almost certainly more at risk from violence by men, the risks for male/male dates are similar to male/female ones.

Men are also exposed to some different issues such as false accusations of rape or violence.

Above all, try to keep this advice in proportion, don’t be scared to continue dating but just enjoy yourself in safety.

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