Changing Attitudes to Online Dating

Not so long ago, online dating was widely considered to be the last recourse of the desperate or sad.  I remember talking to friends and colleagues about it and they’d snort, saying “not for me” or  laugh about the sort of people you’d find on such sites who would typically be painted to be socially inept, desperate geeks or madmen!

But is this traditional view still widely held? I don’t believe it is any more – the wide acceptance of the internet into our everyday lives and the ever increasing time constraints heaped upon us has meant that this most convenient way of meeting people has now become mainstream.

Firstly, what are some of the disadvantages to this form of dating?

The main ones are that people can purport to be somebody that they’re not or may be wanting to hook up for ulterior motives – see our previous post on Dating Safety for more information.

What are the advantages?

It cuts to the chase – email and messaging are a great way to get to know about somebody quickly without any awkwardness that might be there on those first few meetings.

It also allows the quick trimming down of unsuitable or incompatible people without wasting valuable time and money dating in real life

Safety – if the dating site is doing it’s job properly you will be allowed to block people who turn out to be weird or abusive.

Not everyone is cut out for the traditional ways of meeting people, such as pubs and clubs – online dating provides a great way to still meet people without going into uncomfortable situations.  This is especially true as people get older.

And are the members really that weird?!

Certainly on our dating sites, Discreet Liasons and Married But Bi they’re not – we have a huge range of members of all ages, all shapes and sizes and from a wide variety of backgrounds and careers.

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