Why Don’t Brains Help With Relationships?

This post on dating myths that even intelligent women believe just reminded us that relationships tend to stump the bright and dull alike. What is that? Being smart helps us land good jobs, do well in school, and accomplish all kinds of feats in other fields. When it comes to dating, we're all wearing a dunce cap.

For one thing, there's more than one kind of smart. There's emotional smart, street-smart, artistic smart, and so on. When we talk about intelligence, we usually mean the kind you can measure with an IQ test. That's the logic aspects - math, language, spatial reasoning. Computers, after all, are good at that kind of smart as well. But interpersonal human interaction takes place in a completely different realm.

In fact, we even know about a certain kind of person who is specifically IQ-smart, but people-dumb. That's called "Asperger's Syndrome." Of course, we hate to even bring it up because there's something about that condition that makes everyone self-diagnose as soon as they read about it. (It's rare. Like Lou Gehrig's Disease rare. You don't have it.) It just makes a point that there is a difference between cognitive brains and relationship brains.

For a lighter treatment, we'll toss in 5 Reasons You’re Not Dating Smarter Women. Just in case you were wondering.

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