Long Distance Relationships Dos and Donts

We always try to keep an eye out for advice for those maintaining a long-distance relationship. So this article, from the woman's point of view, on the Do's and Don'ts of Long Distance Relationships, is right up our alley - particularly so for the world of online dating.

We'll let the time-worn question of whether long-distance relationships are a good thing or not fall by the wayside this time, and instead ask: "Why do so many people settle for long-distance relationships?"

People get into these, and then ask, "Is it worth it?" Well, for heaven's sake, you found somebody you want to be with, why not? The question you should be asking is "Is whatever keeps us apart worth it?" College? Some 2/3rds of graduates end up in a job they didn't even foresee that doesn't even match their degree. A job? There's work everywhere - maybe one of you can just quit work and stay at home for the other. Family? In the long-run, long-distance relatives beat a long-distance lover. Money? Please; pull a double shift and save up.

From where we can see, the only problem with long-distance relationships is that they need to solve the distance problem first. There's too much texting and too little cuddling in a warm bed going on out there.