The Importance of Sound Judgment in Online Dating

We've probably seen the rules of safe online dating before, but it's always good to take a refresher course. This guide on sound online dating judgment is a very thorough one. It seems to be written a little more from the female point of view, but men should remember that there's a few risks for them too, from time to time. OK, Tarzans? Remember that not every Jane you find has your best interests at heart.

"Sound judgment" is a phrase you almost don't hear these days. Everybody's afraid to judge. "Oh, I don't want to exclude anybody or hurt their feelings." Yes, but there are places in the world with predators stalking who barely can be said to have feelings at all! Judgment is really made up of instinct and experience.

Your instinct comes form your animal side. Years of evolution has shaped our responses to our environment in uncountable little ways, most of them unnoticeable. The shot of adrenalin that follows a "flight or fight" response, the urge to utter a noise when something startles you, and the prickly feeling on your arms and neck when something spooks you are all bits of animal instinct that follows back to our earliest ancestors. Listen to your instincts, and they'll usually read you the right way.

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