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We now offer free lifetime membership for women on our “adult” dating sites, Discreet Liasons and Married But Bi !

Why do women get free membership?

Let’s face it, women looking for a sexual relationship rarely need to pay for it, whether that’s in the real world or just online, so if we charged for women’s membership, then they would either just go elsewhere or we would end up with the following problem:

On dating sites that charge women,  you’ll often see many profiles with obfuscated email contact details embedded into profiles.

This is not only frustrating for guys trying to contact them, it also disadvantages the ladies as their email address is there for all to see, potentially leading to unwanted contacts in the future, and a deluge of spam.

Genuine profiles that are contactable via the safe site mechanisms (e.g.  managed contact via a messaging system where email addresses aren’t revealed) are better for all concerned.

Doesn’t this just penalise men unfairly?

We don’t think so. Obviously, the guys will have to pay a small membership fee but in return they get to choose from a far larger number of genuine women’s profiles and aren’t faced with having to decipher cryptic contact details.

Because membership is free for them,  there will be more women signing up and staying, increasing the guy’s chances of finding a partner.

Like many DJs know, if you get the ladies onto the dancefloor, the men will generally follow. It’s no co-incidence that club promoters will often give attractive women free entry to their club in order to draw the crowds in and to create a vibrant club atmosphere – the same principle applies here.

So on balance, this method of membership works better for both men and women.

What’s in it for the ladies?

Well, apart from the obvious cost benefit they also gain from being on sites where there are more other women members.

Although this may seem counter-intuitive at first, it’s well known that women often get “swamped” on dating sites as soon as they sign up.

Having more women members helps prevent this. Because there are more women for the guys to choose from and contact, the chances are guys won’t just approach every woman that they see, but only those that they are genuinely attracted to!

* Please note that this free membership does not apply to our romantic dating site, Romance 50.

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