Dating for the over 50s

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Dating for the over 50s

Does dating for the over 50s present it’s own set of challenges? What do you do when you suddenly find yourself single again after many years in a relationship? Could it in fact become easier to find love again in middle-age?

Certainly in the UK our social dating culture predominantly revolves  pubs and clubs – easy places to meet members of the opposite sex with the added social lubricant of alcohol. However, as you get older you may well have less of a yearning for such social activities and also may start to feel out of place, conspicuous as being one of the fewer older people in such environments.

So, what do you do? One solution that often put forward is to join clubs of like-minded people who are interested in similar activities to yourself. This could include anything from hill-walking to basket-weaving via potholing, wine-tasting and just about anything in-between!  Some people are still living out their youth doing rather extreme activities for their age, whilst others have settled down to a rather more sedate pace.

Find the sort of people you are looking for and have certain outlooks on life in common and you’re far more likely to meet a compatible mate.

Of course, here we are on the internet and it’s a fact that internet dating has opened up a whole new range of dating possibilities for those of all ages; though of course those who benefit most may well be the older single who doesn’t have quite so many social options open to them.

There are many advantages to a dating site aimed at the over 50s, such as (plug time!) our own Romance 50. Firstly, the clientèle is targeted to the age range that the older single is most likely to be looking at, i.e. 45 plus.

This cuts down a lot of time wading through irrelevant profiles from people 30 years younger than them, and being contacted by the same youngsters who haven’t read the “age” part of the profile correctly.

Our site of course has great security and anti-spam measures built in, and you’ll never have to show any private information in public or to anyone you don’t want to.

Give us a try, it’s completely free to set up a profile from where you can browse others on the site without any further obligation.

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