What not to do on a first date!

Bored Date

Ok, so you’ve found somebody you really like, and you’re out for that all-important first date!

You will both no doubt be examining each other like hawks, looking for common ground but also looking out for warning signs….so here’s some things that it might be good to avoid and stop that potential lover running for the hills!

– Don’t be late!

– Don’t constantly check your phone or let it interrupt; turn it onto silent and pay your date the attention they deserve.

– Don’t go on about your ex all the time; you’re here to have fun and look to the future, not whine about the past.

– Don’t hog the conversation or just talk about yourself all the time, not letting your date get a word in.

– Don’t declare your everlasting love to your new date, no matter how much you are struck by them; they will probably be scared off there and then! Likewise, don’t start discussing babies and wedding arrangements!

– In a similar vein, don’t start talking about sex straight away, unless it’s “that sort of date” or there’s such magnetism you just can’t wait to see each other in your birthday suits…

– Don’t get too drunk! A drink or two may provide some useful social lubrication but too much and it’s likely that you’ll say or do something you may regret later.

– Unless your date is also a smoker then try not to smoke. You may have forgotten how terrible you can smell (and taste!) to a non-smoker.

– Don’t argue over the bill or appear tight-fisted. If it’s that bad then you should have gone somewhere else.

– Don’t forget condoms, you never know where things might lead!

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