Shocking News: Looking "Too Good" Can Sabotage Your Online Dating Prospects!

Here's the story, read it yourself: OKCupid research reveals that better-looking gals have worse luck through the site. Since the story doesn't go too deep into the speculation, allow us to give you some ideas as to why this might be true:

1. Guys thinking "She's out of my league!" Guys have a very specific idea of what kind of woman will usually settle for them. They get rejected all the time. Years of yes-or-no feedback gives them great statistical data on their batting averages.

2. Guys thinking "She's too high maintenance!" The more mature gentleman knows that girl-next-door good looks will do just fine, but when you get into super-model territory, you know that with that hot body is going to come a requirement to work out all the time and stay on a restrictive diet - hardly the recipe for a fun party girl! It's a stereotype, but sometimes it's true.

3. Guys thinking "She's fake!" Let's face it, this is the era of computing when a suspiciously perfect photo may mean: (a) it's not yours, (b) it was a long time ago, (c) maybe you're a scammer, or (d) it's been Photoshopped. In this era of computer CGI blowing away every movie in the theaters and every photo on a magazine cover being airbrushed to robotic perfection, a few extra pounds and the occasional bad hair day or visible mole feels refreshingly... honest. True, you may be 100% legit and look like a movie-star anyway - but how do you assure them of that?

4. Guys who are genuinely into alternative ideas about beauty. Just like not every lady wants a man with washboard abs and a chiseled chin, not every man wants a perfect Barbie doll. There's even - God bless them! - a segment of men who prefer overweight women; they're called 'BBW' for 'big beautiful woman'. Other men are just a freak for a freckly face, dark hair, or plain-Jane 'girl next door' looks.

OK, don't go running out and try to make yourself uglier just based on one site survey! But take it for the encouraging news that just because you have one or two imperfections doesn't mean that you're out of the game.

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