Single Men: How To Be MANLY

Hi, guys! Looking around the web dating scene, particularly internationally, I notice that some of you tend to have some problems with this whole being-one-of-the-guys thing. No, it's not your fault! We've had a couple of generations of declining marriage (more single parents, fewer dad role models), "political correctness" (and the people who mis-apply it), and "feminazis" (as opposed to true feminists). This tends to sap the testosterone out of the dating pool until we have a bunch of metrosexuals standing around complaining that they get friend-zoned all the time.

If that means you, here's the emergency fathering in the art of manliness you should have had:

Never say "It's too hard." or "It's not fair." Say "I'll handle it." Guys are not sexy when they're passively sitting there waiting for life to happen around them. What are you, a feather blowing in the breeze, or a charging bull who will take charge of their own destiny?

You don't have to explain for yourself so much. Why did you go out for a walk alone last night? Because you're a guy. Why do you insist on fixing your own brakes instead of turning the car over to the shop? Because you're a guy. Why do you swear so much? Because you're a guy. No, don't even explain that part. Just be. And please stop announcing "I have to go to the bathroom" and then standing there like you're waiting for somebody to give you permission to pee.

When you hit on a girl, make it clear. Not "Do you maybe want to hang out some time?" like you're inviting your sister to your clubhouse. It's "I enjoy being with you and I'd really like to take you out next weekend at 6 PM." Wow! Decisive, confident, assured!

Challenge yourself. I don't mean "challenge yourself" to finish the last eight levels of Call of Duty on nightmare difficulty, either. I mean take up new skills, seek a promotion at work, fix things, strike out for new horizons, climb a mountain. It's not so much the sexist ideal of "be a hero for your damsel", now it's more about "quit being a mama's boy still living in your parents basement who whines about everything."

Read! I know, you're reading this blog right now. But do you know when we poll women and ask "what's the first thing you notice when you visit a guy's place for the first time", one of the top answers is "whether he has books on his shelf"? A guy who reads is someone with an opinion more relevant than "I dunno" and conversational topics beyond sports and video games. He's someone who thinks and has ideas. Even just a couple of dime-store paperbacks tossed around for appearances' sake is something.

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