Ideas For What To Do On A Geek Date

This list on geek dating ideas made us laugh, smile, and sigh, because it's so funny, sweet, and cute. We just can't resist the simple charm of two brainy sweethearts settling down for a Dungeons & Dragons session.

What's the big deal with "geek" dating? Well, with geeks, you know that they have a bright career ahead of them, and they're moderately reliable, stable, and faithful. But they take some special handling. They won't like many mainstream things, and some of them you have to drag out of the house or they'll live like a potted plant in front of their XBox 360 all day.

But it's worth it to know that you'll be there with them at a ComicCon when they get a signed Liefeld in their mitts. As you watch them bounce around with giddy schoolyard happiness, you'll be thinking "He's never going to cheat on me, beat me, or get hooked on drugs. This is as annoying as he's ever going to get." Sure, honey, let's go look at the Starship Enterprise model now.

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