Mobile sites are live for MarriedButBi UK & ZA

You may have noticed already if you use either Married But Bi UK or Married But Bi South Africa on your mobile, but we’ve implemented mobile friendly versions of the sites which we very much hope you all like.

Personally I think they make the sites a hundred times easier to navigate on your mobile than just viewing the desktop version of the site (though this is still an option if you wish to do so).

Those of you who need to be discreet and who don’t want to use a shared computer to browse the site will no doubt find the new format really useful.

We’ve gone for a low key, minimal look – you don’t need a load of clutter when browsing on a small screen and the low-key look and feel keep it from prying eyes.

Here’s some screenshots from the UK site:

Mobile login screen

Main mobile screen









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