It’s the Jubilee Bank Holiday!

Steamy Kiss

Well here it is, the bank holiday we’ve all been waiting for!

Four whole days of fun and frolics and (hopefully) some sunshine to go with it!

So, what are you up to?  Are you off to the coast with friends and family, or have they left you home-alone?  Are you single and frustrated or attached and at a loose end?

There’s four whole days you could be filling with fun, why go through it alone?

We suggest that you signup or login to one of our dating sites RIGHT NOW!  Don’t be on your own this weekend, have some well-deserved fun 🙂

If you’re straight then head over to Discreet Liasons or if you’re gay, bi or just curious then head down to Married But Bi

If you don’t know what the hell a “bank holiday” is then we suggest Married But Bi South Africa 😉

Just to finish, we’d like to just say that soon we’ll be launching some exciting new sites soon to cater for those who are looking for love rather than just lust and also for those who are sick of being contacted by attached people when all you want are singles like you…watch this space!



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