Emily Post Institute Advises Online Dating Etiquette

We kind of think she blew a few of them. The great-grand-daughter of the original Emily Post - are those of us who remember the original so old already? - advises on online dating do's and don'ts.

Skeptically, we'll do a little damage control...

#2. "Keep it neutral." She advises against expressing strong opinions lest you scare people off. This is the opposite of what common sense dictates - it's your dating profile, you should be as blunt and up-front as possible! If you're a far-right-wing vegan nut with theophobia, it's best to let your prospective bed partner know right now. You're dating, not applying for a job.

#3. "Consistent across social media".
No, people should understand that we have a "work me" and a "home me" in the 2000s. And a firm difference should be drawn between the two. I don't expect the retail clerk I take home to ask me "debit or credit" in bed at night, and I should certainly hope he doesn't tell customers tomorrow what we did tonight, either.

#6. "No sexting".
Honey, if you think sexting is a no-no, you're about 30 years out of style. We've met seniors who sext. It's everywhere - maybe we don't all like it, but like "cybersex" and "phone sex" before it, it isn't going away.