Is being Bisexual more socially acceptable for women than for men?

An image of bisexual couple holding handsIt would seem that in many western societies today, identifying as a bisexual woman seems to be far more acceptable than as a bisexual man.

In fact, female bisexuality could be said to almost be mainstream – for example, we often see titillating images of girls kissing in men’s magazines, in adverts and even in pop-songs (yes, that means you Katy Perry!).

Guys are often heard to come out with comments like “can I watch?” if around two women being sexual with each other.

I’ve even heard several straight guys say they only watch girl on girl pornography!

On the other hand, how often do we see images of two guys making out in popular magazines, music videos or other mainstream media?  How often do we hear women profess to finding watching men together hot?

There seems to be a huge disparity.  Why is this?

Is it perhaps because that in any relationship, it is perceived that one partner takes the dominant “male” role and the other takes the more submissive “female” role? Thus a straight man encountering man on man action automatically assumes that one is being “womanly” and finds this abhorrent?   (Please note here that I say that this is a perception and in many cases a totally incorrect one).

In a similar vein, could it be that many people (again, often incorrectly) assume that anal-sex is a normal part of a man/man relationship and find that disgusting? Ironically I suspect that many people who do would be quite up for viewing heterosexual anal sex; a double standard if ever there was one!

I suspect that it just comes down to traditional homophobia,  but that women are cut a little slack as they aren’t seen to be abandoning any dominant role to have gay sex, and that also as women are already so objectified in mainstream media that it’s ok to watch or imagine two women together and just find it visually titillating, as is the case with images of women in so many other walks of life.


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