Online Dating: Share Your Profile With Your Friends, Ask For Critique

We loved this level-headed advice from The Frisky (cute name!) about 8 reasons to show your online dating profile to your friends. As many a philosopher and poet has advised, we have the most difficulty seeing ourselves as others see us. That's the value of getting a second opinion! And don't be shy or embarrassed about this. For one thing, this is one way to get that one friend who keeps nagging you "when are you going to get a boyfriend?" that you're actively looking.

You could even go the extra mile and ask someone of the opposite gender (or whichever gender you'd like to be with) for an opinion from their point of view. The last item on the list is one that gave us pause: "You sound less awesome than you are in reality."

When you have a personal trait of character - say, you have zero debt, keep a clean house, or never break a promise - you tend to not see it as anything special. So if you forget to mention it as a plus, potential online dating partners won't know about it!