Hold Out For Perfect Or Settle For Good Enough?

This post at Black Girl Nerds brings up a dilemma that's sure to be common to all online daters: Should you hold out for The One, or try to work with a Two or Three? In her case, she decides to pass on a current opportunity in order to keep searching. Fine, whatever is right for that person; we aren't here to judge. But for others, there's also something to be said for setting one's sites too high.

We get this corny idea from talking to committed couples that have been in long-term relationships for golden decades and are still happy with their choice. Try it yourself: buttonhole the next happily-married couple of lovebirds you find, and ask them "how did you know this person was right for you? Were they perfect?" The answer will of course usually be "goodness, no!" We're all these flawed little humans scurrying about. We all have our strengths and weaknesses. And sometimes, when you see something on another person's profile that makes you back off, it's best to remind yourself to "be kind; everyone's fighting a battle."

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