The launch of Singles Only Dating: a major new international dating portal.

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We’ve been away for some time…but we’ve been busy.

We wanted to create our first truly international dating platform that offers a wide range of dating types in order to help as many people as possible to find the partner that they’re looking for – “Dating for Everyone” is our new motto.

We have achieved this with our new Singles Only Dating platform.

We have the following sites:

Singles Only Dating USA

Singles Only Dating UK

Singles Only Dating Australia

Singles Only Dating Canada

Singles Only Dating New Zealand

Singles Only Dating South Africa

From each of these main sites, you can access many forms of dating to suit your preference.

We have both Romantic dating (straight, gay, lesbian, mature) and adult dating (straight, gay, bisexual).

We also have (for most territories) other more specific types of dating such as Black, Asian, Alternative & Christian.

All in all across all countries, we are offering 62 individual dating sites.

Please come and check us out, we really do offer “Dating for Everyone” !


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